Welcome to Crossgates Crafts. Here – soon – you’ll find all manor of hand crafted gifts and items made here in Crossgates.

As all our work is unique, hand made and finished it’s difficult to list everything we can do. If you have something in particular you’d like to see let us know.¬†

Woodturning & Laser Engraving

I’m James, Jane’s other half and Joe and Dan’s dad. I’ve always loved creating things out of wood. A lathe and a laser engraver have added a whole new dimension to my work and rekindled my passion for woodworking. My window ledges are full and I need an outlet for my creations – see the shop! I am by no means a professional¬† but that’s the beauty of wood – it sells itself!

Cross Stitch

Jane would rather stay away from scary sharp implements and bits of wood spinning at unreasonable speeds. She loves creating unique cross stitch patterns and embroidery.


EU Postage

Please be aware that parcels to the EU will attract a VAT charge upon receipt. While not a deal breaker the 20 Euro charge by the carrier may be. A recent example: Sent a ¬£18 switch to Belgium. The customer was asked to pay a 24 Euro charge to receive the item! I can not …


Once again we are in lockdown in the UK. I will be posting items once a week (more than likely Friday) when I’m passing the Post Office. (I am allowed out for work!) Created a new jig over the week off I had at Christmas, let me know what you think:-)


We are only posting once a week until the lock-down is lifted. Please bear in mind your order may take a little longer to arrive. Stay safe and keep well.


Email is preferred for initial contact. We both work full time and may not be able to answer phones during standard working hours.