Laser Engraver Rotary Jig

xTool D1 Pro Riser Legs added to the shop – not sure if these will fit the standard D1 – need to find a willing volunteer;-)

Received an email asking if the rotaries are compatible with the xTool laser engravers. Did the research and yes they are but will require a different cable. The D1 engraver has a dedicated ‘Z’ axis for a rotary and the D1 Pro does not so we’ll need a switch too. Have added the option for the xTool to the rotaries on the shop and also added a new switch;-) As ever – any questions just drop me an email / message.

A new switchbox that utilises the cable supplied by your rotary manufacturer instead of second guessing which wiring convention they’ve followed. If it works without the switch it will work with it.

A mini version of the Endy250LB – creatively named the EndyLB Mini;-)

Added a ‘Z’ fine adjuster for the Neje Master 2 Lasers.

Endy Roller – Endy-fied the Full Rotary Roller. Now much easier to use and a lot more stable. Available in two sizes – Standard and XL. Details below.

Endy Roller Laser Engraver Rotary

Lightburn only version of the Endy250 – no more pulleys!!

Added the Endy 250GT to the shop. Driven by a toothed belt so much more stable. No boing on quick moves! Also a kit to upgrade the standard Endy 250 to the GT.

Some new goodies today. New switch set for the Neje 2S Max and a set of legs for the Neje Max and the Ortur Master 2/2S

New Switch for the Ortur Master 2 and Master 2 Pro engraver. Made to order – custom cable lengths available.

New legs for the Neje Master 1 / 2 and the Ortur Master 1. When you need more height for the Endy and the full rotary jigs.

2 new rotary jigs, the Endy150 and the Endy250. The 150 aimed predominantly at Pen Makers – has a smaller footprint than the 250 which covers most other things.

A clip on switch to switch between the standard engraver and the Full Rotary or DirectDrive Pen Jig.

Finally got the Full Rotary ready

Leg upgrade 🙂

Took a week off work over Christmas. Designed and tested a new Pen / Rotary Jig. This is stand alone and doesn’t require attaching anything to the engraver. Simply disconnect the ‘Y’ axis motor cable and attach to the rotary jig using the supplied cable.

After adding the Neje Master laser engraver to the workshop armoury I decided to set about designing and making a jig so turned items can be laser engraved. It really expands the potential of this little engraver. It is modular so it is customisable to your requirements. If you have a specific purpose in mind drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do.

Any items below are end of line… When it’s gone it’s gone 🙂

I really would like suggestion for improvements or additions that further improve the jig. I’m not planning on making millions, a little compensation for costs and time:-)

Just created a Facebook group for enquiries, support and general chat.

32 Replies to “Laser Engraver Rotary Jig”

    1. Hi, I really hadn’t thought about delivering outside the UK. I will look into it tomorrow and get back to you.

    1. I do like a challenge so may well have to invest in one of the smaller machines. Which laser are you looking at in particular?

  1. Hi. Yes, can ship anywhere in the EU. I have already sent yours Sigurd – I need to start checking for comments, I assumed the site wold notify me:-)

  2. Hello, I just ordered the rotary jig . I have the Acrylic Sandwich Version of the Neje Master. So please send me the version compatible to it. Thank you 🙂

    Raphael from germany

  3. Really interested in you rotary jig. Don’t want to purchase an engraver until i could find a good rotary jig.
    Do you ship to Canada?

    1. Hello. Yes we can ship to Canada although I’m not sure how long it will take to get there as things are.

      Stay safe.


  4. Will this pen rotary jig work on the smaller version like the NEJE DK-8-KZ High Speed Laser Engraver – 1000mW.
    Thank you

  5. Hi,
    I have a business in bamboo straws and i’m considering to use this machine to engrave designs on the straw. My question is, would the laser engraver work on something as small as a bamboo straw? Which has a diameter of 0,5 cm. Could you help me?

    1. Working on a jig to mount smaller items, may involve a bit of image reshaping to fit on a smaller diameter item…

  6. Hi, do you plan to make version of jig for Ortur Master 2. It is slightly different in way of work so it will be a challenge but I would be interested if you can make for me

    1. Hi Luke
      No plans currently to make a jig for this one. As you say a totally different beast. I’m having a think about it when I have time and if I come up with a solution I’ll invest in one for testing it. Will keep you posted.

    1. Good Morning Kelly, Yes we ship worldwide, the shop should calculate the postage before you commit to an order. Any issues please get in touch. Thanks for looking. James

    1. Hi, John.
      All the motorised rotary jigs work with the 2S. The older band driven jig will also work but you may need a longer band.
      Thanks for having a look.

  7. I purchased your Endy 250. Haven’t been given permission yet to join the Facebook Group. I’m curious how do I compensate for the gear ratio change when I drive the yeti tumbler versus a pen sized item?

    1. Good Evening. Just approved you on the Facebook group. You shouldn’t need to change anything settings wise when doing the Yeti tumblers as long as you’re using the Yeti pulleys. I use the bands and different sized pulleys as it keeps the rotary compatible with the standard Neje software. An inch driven on the motor will turn the pulley an inch regardless of the pulley diameter.

    1. Hi Jim. Afraid not. I got one working on my K40 but that’s a totally different beast than the Thunder and my budget / shed space doesn’t stretch to a grown up CO2 laser. If you lived locally (Leeds) and fancied a project sure we could sort something 😉


  8. Hi James I am interested in a rotary unit for my sculpfun s9, does the unit come with all of the connecting cables and whats your delivey time
    Kind regards

    1. Hi John. Thanks for having a look😉. I usually post a day or two after ordering, will be the day after next week as I’ve got a week off the day job!
      It comes supplied with a cable. I’ve got switches available too if you don’t want to be swapping connections between the rotary and the standard engraving. Drop me an email if you’ve any further questions. The web site’s a bit lax when it comes to notifications😉

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